Every woman experiences menopause and each in her own way. Even though most women know that eventually, menopause symptoms will occur they can often not be prepared when that day actually does happen. Keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your gynecologist specialists is the best way to stay up-to-date with all aspects of your health not just menopause.

Below are a few informative key points about menopause and how important it is to talk to your gynecological specialists.

Here is What You Need to Know About Menopause


  • Menopause is Not a Disease –  Menopause is commonly defined as the end of the menstrual cycle for a woman (consecutively for 12 months), reduction in estrogen, and when she can no longer get pregnant. Usually, menopause begins to happen between the ages of 45 to 55. This naturally occurring event is preceded by a period called “perimenopause” and a woman may start noticing symptoms similar to PMS (Premenstrual syndrome).
  • Every Woman Experiences Menopause Uniquely – Since every woman’s experience with menopause is unique as she is, symptoms may be individual as well. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the symptoms may seem similar to PMS at first and be very mild or intense. A woman may experience hot flashes, sleep issues, and decreased sex drive to name a few symptoms.
  • BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy – When experiencing menopause and the lower levels of estrogen that coincide with menopause, BioTE hormone replacement pellets may be an option to consider to help treat hormone levels. Dr. Ruthann Rees and OBGYN Specialists of Columbus were the first BioTE providers in the Columbus, Ga area and have years of experience with this type of treatment. Contact our office to learn more or set up a BioTE consultation appointment.
  • Talk to Your Doctor – Keeping an open line of communication between your gynecologist doctor about any changes or symptoms relating to your health is very important. Not only when experiencing symptoms of menopause, but in all aspects of women’s healthcare. At OBGYN Specialists of Columbus, our team is professional and highly trained to provide care in all stages of a woman’s life.

Total Female Healthcare Services

No matter the phase of life a woman is experiencing, at OBGYN Specialists we are here to provide a high level of care in a comfortable environment. Menopause can be stressful and scary but we are here to guide you through and help provide options. Our services include menopause management and BioTE hormone replacement, and many other total women’s healthcare services.

Contact us to schedule your next appointment or to learn more about the options we provide in menopause management.