3D Ultrasounds | Columbus GA

At OBGYN Specialists of Columbus we understand that no moment in time is more exciting or memorable than the first time you see your adorable baby’s precious little face. Now, thanks to 3D Ultrasound technology you don’t have to wait until your delivery to “meet” your child.

Our state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound technology provides an exceptionally clear image of your baby’s face and body, as well as video, heart beat, and the most precise in vitro measurements. 3D ultrasounds are also more accurate for determining the gender of the fetus during the first‐trimester of pregnancy – providing accurate gender identification as early as 8 weeks of pregnancy!

At OBGYN Specialists of Columbus we are proud to offer expectant parents access to the highest quality ultrasound equipment in the Columbus, GA area –  operated by the most skilled, caring and experienced sonographer.

Why settle for old, outdated, black-and-white ultrasound technologies that only offer grainy, blurry,  images of your baby – when you can see their beautiful face, tiny hands & feet, and every other detail in 3D?

If you are pregnant, schedule an appointment for a state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound at OBGYN Specialists of Columbus for the most advanced, detailed, clear and accurate imaging of your unborn child: 706.324.0471