Cellulite Reduction |  Columbus, GA

Unfortunately, even the most rigorous exercise or aggressive dieting simply does not get rid of cellulite – which is caused by a breakdown in the skin’s supportive structure. In fact, even many thin people still struggle with cellulite! But Contoura MiniFX is a revolutionary, non-surgical, radiofrequency treatment that finally offers a way to get rid of the ugly lumps, bumps and “cottage cheese” of cellulite.

The Contoura MiniFX is a non-invasive treatment that delivers radiofrequency energy deep into the structural lawyers of the skin. This thermal energy improves blood circulation and stimulates the body to rebuild the matrix of collagen fibers that keep skin tight, firm and smooth. The result is improved appearance of the skin and cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, as well as in smaller areas, such as the neck, arms and knees.

Cellulite has always been one of the hardest, most frustrating issues to treat. Anyone who has tried to get rid of cellulite will tell you that over-the-counter creams, rollers and other “miracle solutions” simply do not work! This is because a cream or roller cannot rebuild or remodel the skin. However, this all changes with the Mini fx – which actually stimulates repair of the skin on a deep cellular level.

If you live in the Columbus, GA area and would like to say good by to the dimpling and divots of cellulite – and say hello to sexy, silky, smooth skin – schedule a consultation at OBGYN Specialists of Columbus today! 706.324.0471