Skin Tightening | Columbus, GA

OBGYN Specialists of Columbus now offers state-of-the-art Evolve TITE, the most advanced technology in non-surgical skin tightening. This revolutionary treatment reverses the effects of gravity, aging, hormone decline and weight gain or loss on the skin – tightening sagging skin without surgery, without exercise, and with NO downtime.

Evolve TITE is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that delivers a combination of radiofrequency energy and deep tissue heat to rebuild, tighten, thicken and strengthen loose, lax skin almost anywhere on the body. And, in addition to tightening skin, Evolve TITE can also reduce or eliminate the ugly lumps and bumps of cellulite.

Evolve TITE skin tightening treatment is FDA approved to tighten skin on the belly, flanks (“love handles”), upper arms, underneath the buttocks, legs and knees, and even on the back (“bra rolls’).

Because the radiofrequency energy used by Evolve TITE is natural, gentle, precise, and extremely safe – it is ideal for all skin types and colors. Even better, there is no pain, and no downtime. And, unlike other skin tightening treatments, Evolve TITE treats multiple areas of the body at the same time, for faster and more comprehensive body sculpting in a single treatment.

Evolve TITE skin tightening can also be combined with Evolve TRIM fat loss, and/or Evolve TONE muscle building, for complete body contouring that gives you the sleek, sexy shape you’ve always wanted.

Why wait to get the body you love? Call OBGYN Specialists of Columbus to schedule an Evolve TITE skin tightening & body contouring consultation – and take the first step to getting a toned, trim, body – without diet or exercise! 706.324.0471